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• The Report Of Our Death Was Greatly Exaggerated •

25 April 2016

Lords and Ladies of Gaia,

*** Due to the outcry of our fans, and some very generous contributions, SAGA has the chance to live on for a few more years!! ***

The response to SAGA's demise was very humbling to us, and so, ever since the announcement, Ayrik has been researching ways to allow SAGA's--umm...saga--to continue. After weeks of hard work, he has found a way!! I am pleased to announce that our servers have been relocated to a much more affordable location, and we have prepaid for 12 months.

We have celebrated this day by releasing an exciting new patch! Patch 1.51 marks the beginning of a true Free-to-play experience for all players. Quests now award credits upon victory! This means you never have to spend a dime on SAGA if you don't want to, and the best part is, you don't even need to trade with other players. Although, I recommend you still do so to get rid of the cards you don't need.

We will also be celebrating this news (and Ayrik's birthday!) with a series of sales and events throughout May, so be sure to login at least once a week.

That's all folks! Thank you for playing SAGA!

• Patch 1.51 Is Live! •

25 April 2016


- Credits now cost 1 cent USD each.

- Prices in the store have been updated to reflect new Credits value.

- Credits are now awarded upon quest victory!

   - Bronze - 10 credits

   - Silver - 20 credits

   - Gold - 30 credits the first victory, and 10 credits each following victory

   - Territory - 100 credits

   - Once Only - 50 credits

   - Heroic - 100 credits the first victory, and 25 credits each following victory

• SAGA Is Shutting Down [UPDATED] •

5 March 2016

We are no longer shutting down the servers!

Read all the details here.


OLD Post:

To our loyal fans:

Sadly, in our 8th anniversary month, I am forced to announce the worst news in SAGA history. Due to a lack of interest in the game, we are shutting down our servers for good. For some, this probably comes as no surprise, as our population has been steadily declining for the past few years. Now, the population has plummeted below the point where we can afford to keep the servers running. And even though we've all been volunteers running the game for no pay for the past 5 years, there's no money left to host the servers and maintain and host the website (constantly battling spammers and hackers).

Unfortunately, since there is no money left, we are not able to offer any refunds. We will, however, keep the store open and sell Saga Credits at a greatly reduced price for those who want to show their support for us or open some booster packs for the last time.

The servers will be shut down on April 29, 2016 at 2:00 PM MT. After that time, you will no longer have access to your account, nations, or cards.

A letter from Ayrik:

What an amazing rollercoaster of a journey it has been running SAGA for you. It has been my privilege to know so many dedicated and passionate people, and it is deeply saddening to see that go. Thank you all who have helped throughout the years. It takes an absurd amount of manpower to run a persistent online game, and without you, we never would have made it this long.

I specifically want to thank our community director, Deszeraeth, who has been a *huge* help in advocating our amazing community throughout the years. Without his help, we would surely have shut down the game years ago.

Also, there are many long-term, dedicated players that stuck with us through the end that deserve a mention and a huge thanks for rounding up newcomers, making them feel welcome, and keeping people coming back to play with their friends.

Leonisi, guild master of The Einherjar, and Grandmaster of SAGA. I commend you for sticking it out until the end and for your dedication to helping out newcomers.

Hamme R, who also deserves respect for sticking it out, raiding territories until the very end I'm sure.

Slyrix, the most dependable guide around, and who was always there to give me advice from the mind of a SAGA veteran.

And to those who didn't stick around but always came back: Woodlanders, Brutal Prodigy, Axe, Twonstermonster, Elrandor, Urwendor, Michi, and even Conan Destroyer.

I'm sure I missed a ton of you, but I really appreciate you playing the game and making the community a great place to enjoy. You will be forever etched in my memories.

Farewell my friends. And may we meet again.

If you would like to contact me for anything SAGA related, you can message on Facebook, tweet to us on Twitter @playsaga, or email the infamous support (at of course).

• Patch 1.50.1 is Live •

11 June 2015


- Orc Infantry

     - AR: 21 -> 24

     - DR: 24 -> 21

- Dwarven Axemen - Dmg: 5-16 -> 7-14

- Swordmaiden

     - AR: 22 -> 25

     - DR: 25 -> 24

     - Damage: 7-13 -> 8-15

- Dark Elf Bowman - AR: 23 -> 24

- Giant Warrior

     - AR: 25 -> 27

     - Damage: 15-40 -> 20-35

- Stone Giants

     - AR: 23 -> 26

     - Att/s: 0.3 -> 0.5

- Wood Giants - Att/s: 0.3 -> 0.5

- Giant Spearmen

     - AR: 20 -> 22

     - Range: 35 -> 40

- Eagle Riders - HP: 850 -> 875

- Lightning Elementals - Range: 20 -> 35

- Covered Ram - AR: 10 -> 14

- Orc Pavises - Morale: 70 -> 80

- Rhyax - Morale: 70 -> 80

- Wight

     - AR: 27 -> 26

     - Damage: 50-65 -> 45-65

- Black Dragon - Damage: 60-100 -> 65-120

- Poison Mist - Warmup:

     - Level 1: 85

     - Level 2: 90

     - Level 3: 95

     - Level 4: 100

     - Level 5: 105

- Lightning Bolt - Cast cost:

     - Level 1: 85

     - Level 2: 95

     - Level 3: 105

     - Level 4: 115

     - Level 5: 130

     - Level 6: 140

     - Level 7: 150

     - Level 8: 160

     - Level 9: 170

     - Level 10: 185


- Correctly calculate sell price for cards in the Sell tab of the Auction House.

• Patch 1.50 Is Live! •

6 June 2015

Finally, the moment everyone's been waiting for these past 4 1/2 years! We're proud to announce that Patch 1.50 is now live!


- More troops are available in the buy tab of the market to buy with gold!

- Booster pack prices have been significantly reduced!

- You can now build a single Mana Mine on each safe territory!

- You can now co-op quest, guild, and friend nations of the opposite alliance!


- Increase market trade resource max to 65000.

- Trade expiration time increased from 3 days to 7 days.

- Raid Defenders are no longer limited by your max CP.

- Booster pack names have been renamed to be more clear.

- Booster Pack -> Standard Booster

- Faction Booster Pack -> Faction Booster

- Dragon Booster Pack -> Dragon Booster

- etc...

- Booster boxes have been removed from the store and replaced with 10 and 20 packs of Standard, Rogue, and Faction boosters.

- Card buy and sell cost now based on rarity as well as CP.


- Correctly calculate total card count in Card Management window.

- Nation creation name field no longer accepts unicode characters. Unicode characters in nation names is strictly against the Terms of Use.

- Fix crash when pasting unicode characters into non-unicode text field.

- Fixed a bug that wouldn't show hero cards when clicked in the store.

- Auction House and Saga Store cards will now correctly display CP.

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