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PostPosted: Sun Oct 11, 2015 6:20 pm 
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Hi! I'd like to see more players playing this game. As I understand it, a large number of players came by, played it for a while, and then left! This is good in that it means that the game has already won half the battle: players are coming in. The other half of the battle is keeping them coming back, and I'd like to post a laundry list of key issues I've identified that drive off potential paying customers.

First, in a broad view, actual power does not track with kingdom level. You get your starting troops, and unless some kind player donates unused units to you, that is what you get until you reach mid levels and acquire (with help, since you can't tackle it alone) the armored behemoth.

In theory you could buy the common troops, but in practice, by the time a new player gets enough gold to purchase even half of a common troop like archers or cavalry, they're already looking at spending it on an armored behemoth instead.

So, on to the list. If someone sees something I missed, or has a pet peeve that makes the game totally unplayable (and yet you are on the forum anyway) please do chime in.

* Unit Cost: A unit costs 24,000 gold minimum, which is far out of reach for low-level players. My suggestion is that Peasant Militia should be available to hire at 250 gold each; Light Infantry should cost 400; Heavy Infantry and Archers should cost 750, and Light Cavalry and Cavalry Archers should cost 1200. None of these units (except maybe Archers), as I understand it, are of serious interest to top-level players, but all of them are very useful to new players still learning the game.

** More Work-- Keeps Spawn Units: This would require coding changes and should be saved for the second iteration. Keeps, in my opinion, should allow a player to get a free, common unit every day. They should be upgradeable at levels 25 and 40 to generate an uncommon unit every 3 days or a rare unit every week. Once we have a modest player base, this improvement will keep advanced players logging in on a regular basis to harvest their cards and contribute to the community.

* Players should be able to arrange each of their territories including their city at will. This functionality is already coded (at least for the city itself), I'm just asking that it never turn itself off, rather than allowing what is, as far as i can tell, a once-and-done remap.

* Strongholds and Keeps generate Income: The Stronghold should give the player 500 of every resource, every day, requiring no peasants to work. This gives the player a baseline of resources to spend. Keeps should generate 100 of every resource base, upgradeable (more work?) to 200 at level 25 and 300 at level 40.

* (Second iteration?) Production buildings should be upgradeable. The first research (forestry, agriculture, mining, public works) allows buildings to be upgraded to allow 7 peasants to work (or live) at them, further research improves that to 10, then 15, 25, 30, and finally 40.

* To offset the greatly increased production of end-game empires, the cost for wall and gate upgrades should be increased substantially.

* New Player Experience: The current tutorial, including cards, should be stretched over the first 5 or 10 levels of a new player's kingdom.

* Each chain of quests should grant, as their final reward, a new card(s) for completion of the entire chain at bronze, silver, and gold levels. These end-chain quests should be converted from a single generic quest to three single-play quests (one each for bronze, gold, and silver). In general, all single-use quests should grant a card or cards, even it's just a handful of Light Infantry for a very low-level quest. In my mind, this is a key issue for player retention; if a new player can see that their army expands with regular play, they will be more inclined to play regularly.

* Quests should be reworked with improved content and loot, starting with low level quests. There are far too many empty maps with no doodads or features, and very little story. Some quests are fine; in my opinion, the Lumber Raid quest should be held as a fairly decent standard to which all quests should be held.

* Every thirty minutes after a new tournament is started, it should kick offline players, fill all empty slots with bots, and go. When a new tournament is started and at 25 minutes after it's started, it should advertise in chat (perhaps in a special channel that can be turned off?).

In summary, the first twenty minutes of the game are great. The next twenty hours are bland, uninteresting, and boring, with a promise of more bland, uninteresting, and boring to come. I'd really like to see that fixed.

I realize that an update of the questing experience, which in my mind is the really critical portion of this list, might be more work than you're prepared to do in a game that is in "maintenance mode." But in my mind the alternative to this evolution is to let the game die.

That is why I am willing to volunteer my hours to help update your maps with new and improved level designs, if you are interested in help. (I sent an email to someone named jfaller, if that was the wrong person please let me know). If you are interested in letting me help, please send me a PM or an email.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 12, 2015 1:30 am 
Silverlode Interactive
Silverlode Interactive
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Those are all very good, well thought out ideas. Good job! Unfortunately the game really doesn't make enough to pay for anything to happen. I would work on it for free (I already do), but everything is so ancient and hard to use that it just can't be done. Time is better spent on other projects, like the remake, where all of these ideas are VERY useful!

If you really want to help. Email ayrik (me!) @playsaga.com [email is disguised to hide from bots]

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 08, 2016 8:59 pm 
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While I endorse the troops for FTP players I think a better idea would be to give account wide quests (like play COOP) for like 2 SAGA credits per day. That way within a week FTP players can buy reg booster packs. I mean buying troops for gold is nice but considering this games TCG qualities, it kinda goes against ideas like the auction house and booster packs. Why risk not getting troops you want when you can just buy them with gold?

With a free booster every week or so the auction house will get lively and then people won't be anxious about buying booster and getting troops they can't/won't use AND not be able to trade them.

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 10, 2016 5:54 pm 
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I think Eskrinas ideas could work to get more "life" in the game.

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