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PostPosted: Tue Aug 11, 2015 6:49 am 
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I'm posting some advice for new players on what to spend the gold etc you get from quests on, what quests to do, etc.

First don't spend your gold on just building mines, timber mills or stone quarries. They may make you an income eventually, but at the start they cost too much and take too long to make back the money - plus without enough peasants spare to man them they get you no income.

Build houses and farms as you need them - these stop peasants becoming unhappy or rioting (which will damage or destroy your existing buildings if they do), and the farms give you food production if you put peasants in them.

Other than that, unless you are going to spend some real money on buying credits to buy boosters to get new units, then you want to save up gold to buy new soldiers. The best value for money soldiers you can get by buying them from the server are neutral human ones with passive abilities (i.e abilities that are always active, don't need activated) like pikemen (1000 gold per soldier, big bonuses against cavalry), light cavalry (2000 gold each, bonuses against infantry), heavy cavalry (2000 each, bonuses against ranged units), and human archers (1000 each, bonuses against flyers). Mercenaries are also a nice unit - their bonus is active (only lasts so many seconds and on a timer to use againt), but it's a good one, and they only cost 1000 gold each.

Spearmen are not worth having imo - heavy cavalry kill ranged units far better. Javelineers also of little use. Maybe they have some use in PVP or something that i don't know of.

Human heavy infantry aren't that useful really except for fighting machines (cannons, tanks, siege drills etc) and there are only a minority of quests that you fight any of those and not the ones with the best loot, so wouldn't bother much with them.

Human light infantry's active ability is quite good - they might work well along with mercenaries - but i'd say light cavalry, heavy cavalry , pikemen and archers are the best units to get.

If you really, really want to have troops of your own faction (e.g elven archers for nature, dwarf infantry for machines, orcs for war) you can buy the basic ones from the server for 2000 gold each.

You can also look at what trades are up on the market and make offers to see if you can get troops more cheaply, or put up your own trades.

Useful spells - heal , hold fast, rally - not essential, but could help to have one or two of each.

One spell that will massively speed many quests up is Fleet Foot - a neutral spell that any faction can use (picture is of a foot and lower leg). It makes any unit move 110% faster for 90 seconds. Especially useful for getting rams to towers quickly to capture them, or to get a unit back to the portal fast at the end of a mission.

If you decide you want to spend some real money buying credits to buy boosters then fair enough - that'll help fund the upgrade to Saga II and be a faster way to get new troops and spells.

I'd advise buying only Standard Boosters as Faction Specific boosters have only the same number of cards (soldiers and spells in them), but cost twice as much money per booster.

If you're going to buy a lot of boosters buy one of the bargain packs - e.g the 10 pack for the price of 8. You can trade any cards that are of factions you don't want to play for ones you do wan't to play in the market.

Also note that if you go to the Playsaga website and then the game website you can login with your nation and buy credits and boosters of cards more cheaply than the cost of buying them through Steam in game.

As for quests, the best low level quest imo is Dispense With the Peasantries (level 6) which, if you capture all the buildings in it after defeating the enemies, gets you gold, wood, timber, stone and peasants - with extra peasants you can build buildings faster , produce more food, and eventually produce more other resources from mines, timber mills etc. But like i said focus on getting enough soldiers, houses and farms first. Forget the mines, mills and quarries for now.

To do it the ideal units are a light cavalry unit of 10 to 12 soldiers (to kill peasant militia), a heavy cavalry unit of the same number (to kill archers) and some pikemen (to help kill sherman at the end). You want to pull back at the start to avoid getting drawn into range of the towers. Then once their first unit advances, kill it by attacking it from front and back with your two cavalry units before moving onto the next one.

Remember the formations buttons - use archery defence formation when fighting only archers, melee defense formation when fighting melee troops only, and normal formation when under attack by both at once. If a unit gets wiped out bring on reserves.

Once you've defeated all the enemy units, don't go through the portal. First pick up all the loot chests. Then get a ram (tell a unit to retreat to get the command points or else capture two buildings that are next to one another to get the command points free). Use the ram to capture the towers by moving and keeping it next to each one at a time till it's captured (the flag changes). Use other units to capture the other buildings while it's doing that by moving them next to them. Once you've captured every building then go through the portal and see all the peasants and loot you get.

You can redo it at silver (harder) and then gold (harder again). After that at gold as many times as you want. If you can't manage it at silver then do other easier quests or ones you've not done as bronze yet to get more experience for your units to level them and/or gold to buy more soldiers. Then do it at silver and gold.

Another good one is An Expert (level 9 - but you need to do Kill The Beast first) because again there are lots of buildings to capture that get you every resource plus peasants - and as you capture buildings in it you get more CP to deploy more troops to defeat the final wave of enemies.

For quests to get gold, items, weapons, armour and experience for your units, Kill The Murderers (level 10) and Moneybags (level 11) are pretty good.

Of course i'm not suggesting you only do those quests - that would get dull. Try lots of different ones for variety - those are just two of the ones that get you the most gold, other resources and peasants in plunder.

I've never tired tournaments but people who have say those are fun - basically PVP in which you get random units available only for that PVP fight. Win enough tournament battles and you get tokens. Get enough of those and you can buy boosters of cards (soldiers and spells) with them.

Finally remember to equip units with any items you find. Don't sell any items - even if they're too high level for you to use yet your units will be able to use them when your kingdom gets one or two more levels usually. The small percentage bonuses that even the lowest level items give can make a significant difference when given to units of 12 to 25 soldiers.

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