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PostPosted: Fri Sep 04, 2015 12:16 am 
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NOTE: Some of these ideas may be too complicated/not probable

Here are some initial notions about the game:

The game needs more battle abilities in order to make it interesting, I will discuss these in a little bit.

Units should contact and face each other when in battle (like in Heroes of Warspire), this would give game more cohesiveness and realness

There is a lot of wording and other complexities that would be good for intros- aspects like “Get to the portal to achieve victory!” is already touched on in the intros, so simply stating “Quest completed” might make play a bit smoother. Also, the red and blue flags can be replaced with a small red or blue X, keeping graphics “concise” might make gameplay smoother and more clean.

With all the units, spells, and abilities that would be coming into SAGA, level cap might need to be raised, and troops like the Great Dragon and Heroes would need to be revamped to keep them in touch with upcoming units and new abilities. This could be done by increasing their DR, AR, Health, DMG, etc. or giving them multiple abilites. This leads into my next thought.

I believe that some units should have multiple active abilities. This would add more variety and content to the game

Once SAGA gets on to making troops, the focus should be troops in which the model can be recycled and made into another troop by laying on a different skin (and possibly adding minor model changes). Examples of this “reuse” can be seen in the faction dragons, the Rhyax and Rogue red mantle knight.

Specific Ideas:

There has been discussion of scrapping the whole AR/ random damage system with critical strike values. All elements dealing with AR can be modified to affect critical strike

Troops with only passive abilities: These would be fieldable troops (30CP each) that cannot attack, but possess a radius in which passive abilities come into effect. This would add considerable strategy in battle. Here are some examples (as I explain units I will also try to describe the way they look in the description “model”)
Undead Faction: “Totem of Fear” Model: 4 Forsaken warriors are holding up a structure of black onyx, the onyx can be a mana shard mine with a complete black skin. Ability: Enemy units within radius suffer -30 morale
War Faction: “Sigil of Chaos” Model: ? Ability: Friendly units within radius are granted + 5 AR
Magic Faction: “Obelisk of Destruction” Model: 4 wood spriggans are holding up an obelisk, the model for this obelisk can be the same as the magic faction temple but much smaller. Ability: Enemy units within radius suffer ‘-5 DR
Light Faction: “Pillar of Might” Model:? Ability: Friendly units within radius are granted +5 DR
Nature Faction: “Arboreal Lure” Model: Similar to “Totem of Fear”, but with a green skin on the mana shard mine model, and held up by elven warriors. Ability: All enemy units within radius with less than 20 morale will travel to lure

Spells with knockback: This would add strategy for those who play with lots of ranged units. Examples…

Nature Faction: Gaia’s wind- Enemy units suffer 150- 190 damage and are pushed 150m back
War Faction: Heat Swell- Enemy units suffer 200-250 damage and are pushed back 75m
Magic Faction: Shadow Surge- Enemy units suffer 100 damage, are pushed back 50m, and are stunned for 10 seconds.

Spells that can temporarily give flying ability to ground troops (both melee and ranged). This would really add a lot of strategy to the game, and players could make use of melee flying units….
Neutral: Float- Select unit gains flying for 30 seconds

Debuff Spells to counter any abilities or spells on units that a player would want to keep alive.

Mind control spells to control other players’ units...for a time

Here are some ideas for new troops
Undead Faction: “Nemesis” Model: This is a large floating skull, the model can be made by taking the skull of a forsaken rider, blowing it up, and adding the aura from the rogue forsaken abyssal around it. When it attacks, it shoots a fiery beam from its mouth. Ability:?
Undead Faction: “Wraith” Model: Dark, ghostlike creature with red eyes (probably should be around 6 CP). Ability: ?
Undead Faction: “Creeper” Model: An Undead Raider that crawls around. Ability: ?
War Faction (I am trying to think samurai-like units, it’s a good thing the war faction can encompass other troops as trolls, gnomes, etc.). “Orc Slasher” Model: This is essentially an orc Berserker with two Samurai Swords. Ability: “Whirlwind” unit gains 300% attack speed
War Faction: “Wurm” Model: A giant red and orange wurm with armor covering its head. it has sharp needlelike teeth. Ability: “Strike” Wurm strikes at enemy unit, knocking them back 100m and dealing 200 damage.
War Faction: “Viashino” Model: An alligator-like troll. Ability: Viashino gets +5 AR for every other Viashino in play
Magic Faction: “Leech” Model: Same as that for War Faction “Wurm” but with a dark skin. Ability:?
Magic Faction: “Minotaur” Model: A large man with the head of a bull. Ability: ?
Light Faction: “Leotau” Model: A large Lion with hooves instead of paws. Ability: ?
Light Faction: “Dragon Acolyte” Model: A priestess Ability: Summons a random order dragon for 120 seconds or until death (Each acolyte would cost 6 CP, similar to dark elf summoner)
Neutral Faction (for Mid): “Hydra” Model: Mythical Beast with 3 heads, for every third of life lost, the hydra loses a head. Ability: “Regrowth” Hydra grows back two heads from where it lost a head while regenerating its health, it can grow a max of six heads. This unit would require massive amounts of coding, so it should probably be neutral if it is made.
Machines Faction: “Automaton” Model: A clockwork anthropomorphic figure, slightly golden in color. Ability: “Explode”- Unit sacrifices itself and deals damage equal to its current HP
Machines Faction: “ Brindelkit’s Modulus” Model: Looks like a catapult, but instead of a “cup” it has a giant hammer that smashes nearby enemies. This would be a neat way to add in more melee machines and make heavy infantry more wanted.
Nature Faction: “Gel” Model: Literally just a moving jello. Ability: Passive: Has + 250% DR against ranged units.
Undead Faction: “Necrotic Sludge” Model: Reuse the gel model, and put a new, undead looking skin on it. Ability: Lash- Necrotic Gel Does 150 damage to target enemy and gains 150 HP
Magic Faction: “Manticore” Model: Body of a lion, head of a human and bat wings. Good luck Ayrik. Ability: “Swipe”- manticore deals 500 damage to target enemy
Undead Faction: “Bone Muncher” Model: Use same model as the Behemoth, but with some minor changes to it to make it Undead specific. Ability:?
Magic Faction: “Fungus Crawler” Model: A creature with a mushroom head and no eyes. Ability: “Proliferate”- Fungus Crawler summons two minor Funguses to aid him in battle.
Magic Faction: “Bog Dweller” Model: Use the same model from the undead “Wraith” but change the skin. Ability:?

Some units should be both melee and ranged, here is an example:
Nature Faction: “Ranger” Model: Use the Same Model as the Elven Longbowmen but change skin a little bit. Ability: Ranger converts from melee to ranged or vis versa. (Note that melee mode does much more damage than ranged mode)
Undead Faction: “Skilled Thrull” Model: Use the same model as the humungous but make the thrull much smaller. It can also switch between melee and ranged.

I believe that there should be a fog of war to create more suspense in gameplay

In each cities town center, there should be some faction specific peasants (which can be just units that the player has owned) milling about to make the City look less deserted. For example, in the Undead faction there could be some forsaken warriors walking around, conversing (hand gestures), fishing, etc. Same thing with all the other factions.

Possibly allow changeable skybox (as was mentioned in an earlier thread)

Possibly allow vanity gear. Vanity gear is armor that units can wear IN ADDITION to other gear. Vanity gear would not add any stats but would change the look of the troop/unit. For example, gear that would make weapons look like carrot sticks or candy canes, or make helmets look like rabbit ears or santa claus hats. Vanity buildings would also be good. These would be great gold sinks and holiday specials.

If the graphics of SAGA could look like those in Heroes of Warspire, that would be amazing.

Major Bosses should not be modified replicas of units that players can control. For Endgame players there should be special quests. They can be traditional questlines like “Rise of Azul” which give traditional loot, or crazy questlines like “Rise of the Spaghetti Monster” which yield vanity gear (and possibly vanity units !- imagine a ranged spaghetti unit that throws meatballs!….well…)

Here are some Ideas if Ayrik ever decides to do an expansion with water troops.
Undead Faction: “Undead Leviathan” Model: A serpentine snake at least as large as the model boats in SAGA.
Magic Faction: “Kraken” (idea from Stronghold) Model: A humongous octopus
War Faction: “Warship” Model: Use the boat model already in SAGA and add War faction detail.
Machines Faction: “Submarine” Model: A copper colored submarine with missile launchers
Light Faction: “Divine Galley” Model: A ship surrounded by ethereal light.
Nature Faction: "Myrmidon Warrior": Half man half fish holding a trident. At least as big as the model ships

Hey Ayrik, I had one inquiry. HoW was more of an "economy" based rts, like Age of Empires, will there be some of those elements in the new SAGA rewrite? There could be a way of combining the CCG elements of SAGA and the economy of HoW. Here's how (sorry I had to) in missions we can have satellite strongholds that gain resources like in HoW, and the units\ troops that we can play in the specific mission will be determined by the cards we have collected ( there could be limit to the number of faction cards we can use in certain missions...)

Alright that’s it for now, Thanks!

PTENISKOURT of Ivalice Guild

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 04, 2015 7:45 am 
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Keep it up and plus 10/10!

King Arthas Menethil

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 06, 2015 1:48 pm 
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Nice work! Mind if i move it over to the Bugs & Suggestion forum section so it can gain more attentive views?


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PostPosted: Sun Sep 06, 2015 7:56 pm 
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No problem Des (sorry for the late reply)

Mr. Faller and his team have put great ingenuity into this game and it has amazing potential.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 4:45 pm 
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I am hoping we can realize that potential in the series. : )

Here is a link to what we can expect though at this time:



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